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10 Best Car Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season

10 Best Car Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season

With the holidays season right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few of the best car-related gifts you can give to friends and family this holiday season.

Car organizers: These are essential for organizing items such as a first aid kit, sunglasses, chargers, files, mobiles, water bottles, cups, glasses, medicines, trash, and more. The storage container helps to keep things neat and tidy in the car and prevents items from rolling under the pedals.   

Wireless Phone Charger: Smartphones are a necessity these days; therefore, keeping them fully charged can be a challenge. Having a wireless charging phone mount that is one-hand operated in the car, eliminates the need to worry about plugging in smartphones. Simply place it in the air vent or the windshield and it will automatically charge.

Travel mug: Rushing out in the morning does not always allow us to finish our coffee. These leak-proof travel mugs will keep your drinks hot for hours, making them the perfect accessory for long commutes. Due to its flat lid, the 12/17oz Thermos Cup has the capacity to hold the amount of liquid it claims to contain and does not have a cumbersome mechanism that takes up so much space.

Dash Cam: Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Moreover, if you drive a lot of miles on a daily basis, you are more likely to be involved in a fender bender. With a dash cam, everything that happens in your car is recorded from the moment you start the engine. In the event of an accident, especially a hit-and-run, this can provide important evidence.

Car Vacuum cleanerCommuting with kids or pets can leave the car a mess with snacks crumbs or stray dog hair. This is why a wireless high-power vacuum cleaner is a must for every car. It is small, light, and will get your car clean in minutes with minimal effort.

Windshield snow cover: After a night of snow, who wants to start the day scraping and brushing their car's windshield? In the morning, it's cold and we don't have the time! If you can just pull off the windshield cover to clear the snow off in minutes without much effort, why work so hard? The magnetic windshield snow cover is a practical holiday gift you will receive many thanks for.  

Battery Jump starter: Having your car's battery die on a cold winter night or day is one of the worst situations. You could call Emergency Road Service or ask a stranger for a jump start (assuming one of you has jumper cables). In the end, however, a battery jump starter will be the fastest, simplest, and safest option. Powered by a powerful battery, these booster packs can jump-start a car on their own.

Key Finder: Know anyone who is always losing their keys? Find lost keys by using a key finder. The keychain alarm will save hours spent searching through couch cushions, they just need to activate it from a smartphone. 

Pet Car Trunk Cover: A day at the dog park can leave muddy paw prints in your car during the drive home. The trunk protector is designed to create a protective barrier that's easy to remove and wash. Our 80.3"x52.4" cover is very easy to install before you take a ride with your pet & take off when not needed - keeping your trunk hair-free & clean. Made of thick cloth, resistant to dirt, wear, waterproof, easy to clean.

Trash Can: Car clutter can drive everyone insane, from fast-food wrappers to disposable masks and beverage bottles. For your messier friends and family, we offer another very practical gift they will appreciate; a mini trash can which might motivate them to keep things a little cleaner.  

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