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BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY – best sales week of the year!

BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY – best sales week of the year!

Are you looking for some great motoring deals this winter? No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in our Black Friday deals; whether it's in-car tech, decorative, or something to help you maintain your car year-round. Shop online and save up to 49% on a range of accessories from November 22nd to the 29th. Take a look at some of the products you can get for a great price during this event.

Winter essentials are included in these amazing Black Friday deals on car accessories and can be very useful during the cold winter months.


 Snow: If snow is the challenge – we know how to do it right; To avoid the constant struggle after a few hours of the car being out in the snow, we offer you the windshield cover that will protect your front or back windshield from the snow or frost. It's very easy to operate and your car will be cleared of snow and ready to go within minutes.

Another option to deal with winter weather, is the full car cover, which due to being waterproof, will give your car full protection from snow, hail, rain and leaves.

Our third snow related product is the tire chain that will help you get from one place to another in harsh weather conditions. This one is very simple to use and will keep you safe while driving. 

Saftey First: The last thing you want on a cold night (or day!), is to find out your car's battery has died and you are stuck waiting for emergency assistance for hours. 

We think the jump starter is a must in every car! That's why this week it's on a significant discount. 

Pets: While you want to take your dog out to the park, getting them back in the car can get really muddy and messy during the winter. For dog owners, we have a special offer on the trunk cover. This great product will allow you to take your dog out without worrying regarding cleaning the car later.

Holidays gifts: Some of us are practical, and our holiday gifts are of the usefull kind. We would give our loved ones things like this leak-proof travel mug to keep them warm during the cold days or a laxurious bling storage bag that will shine their day.


 Kids: Our products will make your child's ride easier, safer, and calmer...

Check out our special deal for the best seller tablet holder. Very sturdy and easy to install, you will be able to concentrate on driving while your kids are busy.


Or this cute food tray that will keep them bust eating and playing.

We just wanted to give you a little taste to what is waiting for you this week.

All of our collections are on special deals for a week, starting Monday November 22nd. Don't wait up, get yours today.

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