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Car Accessories - Her Choices VS His choices

Car Accessories - Her Choices VS His choices

As in many areas in life, we have come to the understanding that man & women buy differently when it comes to car accessories. In this article we will present the most frequently bought items of each category, by man and those frequently bought by women. Prepare to be surprised…

Interior accessories:

In general we found that women buy more practical items when it comes to accessorizing their car. That said, the best seller for women in this category is the DashCam whereas men tend to buy more appearance accessories and their choice for this category is the Led Strip Lights.

Car Exterior Accessories:

This Category is the most changing one throughout the year. Now that the winter is coming, the most bought item by women is the Magnetic Car Windshield (bought a lot by men also but not the best seller for them in this category), men get the Car Rooftop Luggage Box mostly at this time of the year, we are guessing it's because of its water resistance quality.


Car Organizers & Storage Accessories:

In this category we found that women tend to go for the hanging organizers that needs no lifting, especially those for the back seat, while men mostly buy trunk storage boxes that can be also used outside of the car.

Car Phone Holders:

This is the only category where both women and man agree on the same product. The best seller here is the wireless charging phone holder, followed closly by the Car Cup Holder Phone Mount.

Pets Travel Accessories:

While women get the mini wireless vacuum cleaner to clean after the dog leaves their mess in the car, man won't even let that happen in the first place, and their most favorite item in this category is the Pet Car Trunk Cover that keeps the car clean to begin with.

Car Maintenance and repair:

Here women are voting for the most practical/ emergency car accessory – the Car Jump Starter. While 80% of this product purchases made by women, man in this category are divided to 40% safety/ repair buyers mainly for the Tester Cable and 60% who are strict regarding their car's appearance, that purchase the dusting brushes.

Family Travel Accessories:

Here the distinction is very clear. Women buy items that will ease the ride for the kids, while men buy items for camping and for a better outdoor experience. Women go for the Tablet Holder and men, in this category, for car tent.

 Car Camping Accessories:

The truth is, we don't have many women visiting this category… 90% of the buyers here are men. The women who do get to these shelves usually buy the Solar Shower Bag and the Mini First Aid Kit. Men however, visit this category a lot! And the most bought product by men here is the Heavy Duty Cargo Net.



We wish you all fun with your holidays shopping, and happy holidays to follow!  


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